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Part of the aOS community, which is an international group of passionated professional of Microsoft solutions. The community organizes conferences all accross the world to share knowledge and experiences on all Microsoft related topics.

A passionate SharePoint / Office 365 Consultant.

Almost 10 years later, from SharePoint on Premise to Office 365, I enjoy every aspects with these technologies. From development to training, consulting, architecture to pre-sales, I’ve been enjoying the path because we see the impact of collaborative solutions on daily life employees.

Initially, I posted on my blog what I couldn’t find on the internet about troubleshooting issues about SharePoint. Then it evolves into reviews, and notes for myself, before I forget :).

Why doing this job

Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365 empowers you as a professional and so it does as a user. Within hours you can craft a solution for your business users and satisfy their needs.

Why sharing is caring

I’ve been learning a lot from this great community. Without other online contributors, I would have search hours without finding answers to my users problems. So this is my way to save some time, for you AND especially for me ! Also by sharing we exchange with other professional and learn more.


Why you should share too !

Knowledge is the only material that grows with sharing – Socrate

Going to Dublin European Conference 2017 to finally meet a lot of SharePoint fellows I’ve been in touch with online, I suggest you do so to exchange around your professional life experience.

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