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Migrate Visual studio solution to SharePoint 2013

Context :

A company migrate from moss 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Objectives :

We are going to present how to migrate visual studio solutions, from MOSS2007 to SP2013.
For info, to migrate a MOSS2007 solution to SP2013, you need to migrate it to SP2010 first.

Notes : If you don’t have the visual studio solution, you can import it with CKS Dev Extension for visual studio.

Summary :

  • Migrate from MOSS2007 WSP (packaged with WSP Builder) to SharePoint 2010 Visual studio solution (WSP)
  • Migrate from SharePoint 2010 Visual studio solution to SharePoint 2013 WSP
  • Other scenario : you want a SP2010 solution working on SP2013

Migrate from MOSS2007 WSP (packaged with WSP Builder) to SharePoint 2010 Visual studio solution


Migrate from SharePoint 2010 Visual studio solution to SharePoint 2013 WSP

Open the wsp of the visual studio 2010 solution on Visual studio 2012 / 2013 (it’s all about the manifest.xml file, the dll reference to SharePoint 2013 DLL)

SCENARIO 3 : SharePoint 2010 package compatibility mode in SharePoint 2013

From Sharepoint 2010 .WSP solution it is possible to make it work in compatibility mode on SharePoint 2013. It doesn’t cover the migration to the functionality proposed by SharePoint 2013, but this allows a SharePoint 2010 package to work in a compatibility mode for SharePoint 2013.

To be clear : the functionality, the design will be the same as SharePoint 2010 platform if it contains a site definition in it you will see the site definition under SharePoint 2010 category.

Pre-requisite :

      1. You will need a virtual machine or machine with SharePoint 2013 and Visual studio 2012 + Office developper tools installed (even trial version) Download the office developper tools for Sharepoint 2013 / Visual Studio 2012
      2. The visual studio solution with the developped stuff you’ve done for Sharepoint 2010 and package as WSP

Procedure :

      1. Backup the visual studio solution, we don’t want to loose it
      2. Edit the .csproj file project contained in the solution
      3. Replace every reference to 14.0.0 DLL by searching/replacing 14.0.0 by 15.0.0
      4. Replace the reference to v3.5 .Net framework by v4.5 by searching replacing v3.5 to v4.5
      5. Save the .csproj file
      6. Open the visual studio in Visual studio 2012
      7. Accept the migration process
      8. It’s time to create the .WSP package file migrated for SharePoint 2013, to do so :
        1. Right click on the solution
      9. Right click on the solution
      10. Right click on the solution
        1. Click on publish button (yes they deleted the package button in visual studio 2012)
      11. Click on publish button (yes they deleted the package button in visual studio 2012)
        1. Choose the path to store the wsp package
      12. Time to deploy the WSP package by powershell, because i couldn’t find a way to do so from visual studio 2012, an error happened saying the remote connection are not allowed. If you solved that, i would like to know the way to fix that 😉
      13. If you coded a site definition, it will be found in the 2010 tab of a site collection creation of central administration page

And then once I migrated to SharePoint 2013 ?

If your solution contain site definitions, user will be able to enjoy new feature of SharePoint 2013 (new site template, new branding, sky drive pro etc).

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