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Office 365 Adoption Pack – Step by step setup guide

How to configure the Office 365 Adoption Pack that gives you an understanding over your company Office 365 Usage !

This tutorial let you get this beautiful power bi dashboard in 2 steps, though it takes few hours to complete as enabling it takes time.

1. Navigate to Office 365 and enable analytics being sent to Power BI

  1. Go to office.com
  2. Click Administration / Admin center
  3. Click Usage
  4. Click on Power BI Get started

  1. Enable this reports

2. Once saved, you have to wait until the ID shows here, I tried after 24h

Once ready the ID will show in this box

Get the tenant id from here, copy it and save it to a notepad

2 Import the office 365 adoption pack in power BI web browser version

Go to the office 365 adoption pack for power BI https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/power-bi/b756d118-d7e4-40e9-8fa6-aac747901c4a?tab=Overview

Click Get it Now blue button

Paste the id in the popup

For example : 7ecdbez8-4874-4d6f-a163-5adedze28c2

Click Next

Click Connect

Et voila 🙂

Wrap up

We went trough how to install office 365 adoption pack giving office 365 reports & Usage in two steps :

  1. Enable the data collection on your office 365 tenant, this operation can take up to 24h
  2. Import the data to PowerBI

Now you can understand what is happening on your tenant and govern it.

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