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Summary and Feedback about European SharePoint Conference 2017 – ESPC2017

There are great conference around the world about SharePoint / Office 365 and Azure.

I’ve got the chance to go to one : European SharePoint conference in Dublin and I really recommend going to conferences. Before going, I was thinking : I could find online the presentation and watch it as if i was there ? The answer is no, it is more than that : networking, partners, ideas…

The European SharePoint Conference 2017 – #ESPC2017

The European SharePoint Conference 2017 was held in Dublin in November 2017. More than 1500 attendees, 40 speakers and sponsors.

During four days, including one day of tutorial, the attendees were able to get a refresh about business, IT Pros and Developer subjects.

The Microsoft team was here to present last innovative technologies such as:

  • Keynote Day 1
    • OCR recognition with a demonstration of searching a bill in office.com (stored in SharePoint or one drive)
    • One drive : File external Sharing to a Gmail account
    • One drive supporting more file types directly rendered in the browser (3D files etc.)
  • Keynote Day 3
    • SharePoint Framework supporting angular officially soon !
    • Re usable React components
    • New ways for developer to deploy their customisation with SPFX ALM Api for SharePoint Framework

Three great keynotes each day, the videos are available on the ESPC Website or here :

Powerpoint Slides summary

[slideshare id=84639631&doc=espc2017conferencesummary-171221173553]

I compiled a presentation for my team and wanted to share it to you, here is the presentation below. It covers Office 365 introduction before going into detail of what was presented by the speakers during the conference.

Please do not hesitate to share it on twitter mentioning @jeffangama

To wrap it up

It is a mind blowing event, you meet great people that you follow online (twitter, blogger) for your daily work and for monitoring the trends. Special thanks to VALOTeam for the whisky intranet party J

It is also a great way to meet sponsors, mostly products running on SharePoint / O365 ecosystem, filling the void between business requirements and out of the box features of SharePoint.

Happy Sharepointing and/or Christmas holidays J



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