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Share your experience and Discover what is possible with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

There are thousands of projects done by Office 365 / SharePoint consultants across the planet since many years and yet I haven’t found a list of business scenario oriented IT.

Imagine a list of projects done using Office 365 and SharePoint, classified by technologies, business objective or even number of users etc.

This would inspire new ideas… Such as those sites but adding the technology to it :

Share your experience

That is what I hope WE CAN achieve.

Please share your experience in this file and maybe one day we could create such a site or even ask Microsoft to enrich their web sites with consultants / developer experience 🙂

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Thanks to Larry ANGAMA (link to his twitter), Max  (link to his twitter) for their early contribution

excel example

Do you also feel it misses such a list in the community? What else is missing to help you recommend solutions to your customers/company?

Some examples of business scenario from the file

  • Across the company, provide a document management tool to manage draft and published version. The ISO 9001 is applied and require such process.
  • Inform the employee in the company by publishing news
  • Create an informal portal for everybody instead of printing
  • Interact with employees from other service, boost the productivity / knowledge sharing / expertise findings / Community driven
  • Ensure Government compliance in terms of data encryption/communication
    Housekeep information, update the technology stack of the non-supported environment
  • Reduce emails, Facilitate collaboration, make document research more relevant via auto-tagging, Automate process (community creation, news creation), Make information access easier
  • Enhance productivity by creating a webform and a automated process that route the request to the correct Application responsible
  • Navigate across the sites more easily than the Out of the box Office 365 Navigation
    Get versioning, streamline the process, copy email to the centralised record center
    Propose a set of training for employee, regarding his Job title
  • Offer in a single page all documents, conversion, needed skill required for a product
  • Automate Sharepoint Power users job by developing a script reading an excel and configuring permissions based on this excel

Some examples of technologies for the uses cases

  • Site Definition, Webparts searchings docs on other sites (SSOM search api)
  • Content query webparts, Webparts (SSOM)
  • Connected Webpart, event receiver (SSOM), auto provision users my site (console app (SSOM))
  • Newsgator / Ping Federate / Powershell / SSL / Database encryption
  • Migration using database Attach, console application and powershell to fix broken features
  • Migration with Sharegate, Development using C# SSOM / CSOM, Kwiz Clipboard Manager, Auto tagging tool, SharePoint Org Chart, Nintex Workflow
  • Sharepoint list, Javascript (Hillbilly template.js), Css,
  • SharePoint 2010/2013 Workflows.
  • SharePoint 2013 workflow on a list
  • Office 365, SharePoint Framework
  • Harmon.ie, Sharepoint out of the box
  • Office 365, SharePoint Sandbox Solution, Vue.js, REST API, javascript
  • Sharepoint search rest API, managed metadata
  • Powershell Pnp / Client API, CSV
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