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Training plan from SharePoint WSP Developer to Office 365 Developer

Which topics shall a developer know to learn SharePoint Office 365 technologies ?

How to follow the new trends ?

Using full trust solution since years I want to share with you my journey learning office 365.

Are full trust solution dead ?

Many developers who started with MOSS 2007 (or even earlier) are used to build WSP Full Trust Solutions, using to c#, to customize SharePoint.

With the SharePoint Framework reaching Global Availability last February 2017, it is really time to get ready to the future wave of SharePoint Development.

Few customer, such as governments, could still be stuck with on Premise environment where full trust is the most “easy” way.

If your customer will not update to SharePoint 2016 that soon (which will make available the SharePoint Framework in the feature pack 2), it is still possible to create responsive solution with this github project (react-generic-app), so that when you want to migrate to SharePoint Framework, it will be less painful.

Why using SharePoint Framework ?

It could be tempting to stick with JSOM or CSOM, though the SharePoint framework is the official way to customize the Modern Sites.

It will also become the official way for custom actions, additional header / footer / place holder within the design and to customize field rendering (no more jslink in the new modern sites).

Where to get started to learn all those technologies?

I tried to summarize the different topics to learn in order to get ready for the cloud. It focus mainly on technologies for developers. I will edit the list with the one you suggest, for example: PowerApps.

From SharePoint Developer WSP to Office 365
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Some of the topics presented in this mind map view are listed below.

1. Get familiar to the latest technology

2. Get familiar with the new dev models

3. SharePoint Framework

4. How to keep yourself up to date ?

As those technologies constantly evolve so keeping yourself up to date by reading some news is mandatory J

 Twitter :
Youtube :
MVP Blogs:


Please do not hesitate to share the topics / source of information you judge useful so that I can update the plan.

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