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Speaking about Office 365 data protection with Veeam, 30th of October 2018

I am glad to be speaking at a webinar with my expert colleague Christopher Glémont (@c_glemot) running original network blog about how to protect your Office 365 Data, not as safe as you could think, specially when it is the customer responsability to save it.

He is an expert & Veeam Vanguard (aka MVP for MS) in Veeam solution allowing business to take control of their Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365 data and much more.

The webinar will be 30th of October at 2PM France time, in french language. If you are interested we could maybe do one in english, please comment below 🙂

Registration link (in FRENCH)


Office 365 has recycle bin ? Why do I need a backup solution ?

  • For compliance reasons
  • To restore files that get deleted after the recycle bin (after 30 days generally)
  • To restore a data deleted from the recycle bin, by human mistake error
  • To restore data deleted by malware or even by mistake by a developer
  • etc.

More info about the product on Christopher Blog.


Does your company use a backup solution ? Do you think they are at risk ?

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