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Top 10 reasons why I hate Microsoft 365

  1. Things can be achieved in dozen different ways, we’ve gotta understand pros and cons
  2. There are dozen tools to learn from
  3. As a developer you’ve get to learn modern languages
  4. There are thousand of videos to watch and blog articles to read from
  5. The community is huge so there is too much creativity to be inspired from
  6. Small and big companies use it, so we can’t adapt to everybody requirements
  7. Documents are quickly viewable from the browser, I can’t procrastinate anymore
  8. Colleagues can contact me by chat / video, I can’t be alone anymore !
  9. From home, train, on my phone, I am now efficient :/
  10. Last but not least, my brain and my way of working, are challenged by new features often going live.
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